Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked most about The Inn at The Cays.

When will The Inn at the Cays open?
We expect to begin welcoming visitors in 2025. The Inn will create a new continuous waterfront promenade, new walking path connections, outdoor seating and dining, and ample public beach access for guests and members of the public to enjoy.
How long is the expected construction period?
Once construction begins, we expect the process to be complete in 12-18 months. We plan to stage all equipment and materials in our West parking lot to minimize any project related traffic on North Caribe Cay Boulevard.
What are your plans to mitigate parking and additional traffic from affecting the surrounding residential neighborhoods?
The Inn at the Cays will create 141 free off-street parking spaces to keep guests, employees and visitors from affecting nearby residential streets. Also, there are approximately 60 public parking spaces on the island now along Grand Caribe Causeway, and the development will add additional coastal access parking along the cul-de-sac, reducing the current impact to the neighborhood. Additionally, shuttle service will be provided for guests and visitors between the hotel and the San Diego International Airport, as well as destination points in Coronado and around the San Diego Bay to to further reduce traffic and parking needs. Along these lines, we will also encourage rideshare and carpooling options to reduce potential traffic impacts and reduce the development’s carbon footprint.
Why do you need support for the project?
We are gathering support to demonstrate the excitement from residents to the City of Coronado. With a large showing of community support, we can request for the City of Coronado to publicly support commercial zoning on the property. The Port of San Diego will also take the resident support into account while finalizing the Port Master Plan Update and allow for commercial zoning to continue in future leaseholds.
What happens if this project is not approved? Is there an alternative?
If the zoning in the Port Master Plan Update is changed to recreational open space, this allows for this site to be open space after the end of the current lease in 2034. There is no funding in place to develop or manage a park. However, without additional tax dollars to develop a park and fund the maintenance, there are concerns from residents about the required upkeep, security and preservation of local ecology. We believe The Inn at the Cays will contribute to the character of the Coronado Cays and become an integral amenity to the surrounding community. We understand our responsibility to the environment and seek to contribute to the Port of San Diego’s Bay-wide goals of promoting a safe and healthy bay, increasing coastal access and fostering a thriving waterfront economy by collaborating with the community.
What is the expected tax revenue from the project?
The project will provide substantial economic benefits to the Port of San Diego and the City of Coronado, helping fund critically needed programs and services. Annual lease revenue to the Port is estimated at around $800,000, and the annual City of Coronado tax revenue is estimated to be nearly $1 million.
Will I be able to visit the restaurant or beach if I am not staying overnight?
Yes, we welcome locals and day visitors to the Inn and enjoy recreational water activities, dining options and nature viewpoints. Visitors will find there are no fences or gates, except in areas where needed for safety. The pool and fitness center are reserved for overnight guests only.
How many units can fit on the property? 
We can fit approximately 250 units on the property; however, we’d like to keep in line with the Cays community and opt for a lesser footprint with just 114 units. The Inn at the Cays is designed with a lower profile architectural style with minimal barriers to the outside, so you feel connected to your natural surroundings, consistent with the surrounding community.
How is The Inn at the Cays different than Loews Coronado Bay Resort?
The Inn at the Cays is planned as a destination with a seaside “village” feel designed with the surrounding community in mind. With only 114 rooms, the Inn is three separate buildings, connected by landscaped pathways with a maximum building height of 35 feet. In comparison, the Loews Coronado Bay Resort has 440 guestrooms and 40 suites and goes up to four stories.
Will there be a boat launch at the site?
No, there is no plan to build a boat launch as part of The Inn at the Cays.
Will pets be allowed?
Yes! We welcome you to bring your pets on your stay. We will require pets to be on a leash or in a carrier when in public areas.
Will bikes be allowed on the site?
We welcome our biking visitors and we plan for plenty of bike parking in our lots. The Inn at the Cays is designed to highlight a healthy, vibrant coastal landscape along the bay shore around which all are welcome to stroll or lounge. Out of consideration of our guest safety, the promenade will be meant for walking only. 
Will smoking be allowed in the rooms or on the property?
No, The Inn at the Cays is a non-smoking facility. Outside of the property, the City of Coronado prohibits smoking on public property including the waterfront.