Project Overview

Let the Sand Come In…

With a commitment to thoughtful design, The Inn at the Cays will become a destination with a seaside village feel that welcomes all. The project will offer continuous, public waterfront access around the Grand Caribe Isle, with a seaside promenade and scenic vista points winding across the site, all centered around a delicately situated hotel with a restaurant and bar, and lounging areas.

We plan to create a destination where not only hotel guests can enjoy the natural beauty of our environment, but also where our neighbors can rediscover the waterfront and enjoy high-quality amenities, rustic outdoor venues and stimulating recreational activities in a coastal California setting.

Project Features


Everyone can traverse landscaped pathways connecting to the public Grand Caribe Shoreline Park activated with benches, lounge seating and bay viewing areas.


Consisting of three separate buildings, the hotel will have 114 rooms available for guests. The buildings are designed to allow the landscape to prevail over the architecture, creating a seamless integration of nature and openness throughout.


Recreational activity rentals like paddle boarding and kayaking will be offered under a beach palapa to serve the public and hotel guests.


We will expand on the existing dock options at the isle by adding a new Dock n’ Dine venture in collaboration with the Coronado Cays Yacht Club, comprised of two to four slips where boaters can enjoy a unique on-boat dining experience.


We aim to reinforce the connection to water by improving public access to the beach and Grande Caribe Shoreline Park by installing bike racks, offering water recreational activities and providing a public restroom.

Community Benefits

Inn at the Cays is designed to embrace a healthy, vibrant coastal landscape along the bay shore, around which all are welcome to stroll or lounge. Visitors will find there are no fences or gates, except in areas where needed for safety.

Public Promenade

The development will create a new continuous waterfront promenade, new walking and biking path connections, outdoor seating and ample public beach access for guests and members of the public to enjoy.

Community Discount

All residents of the Coronado Cays community and members of the Coronado Cays Yacht Club will receive discounted rates on lodging and dining at the Inn at the Cays, because we want this to be a natural extension of the community.

Community Beautification

The Inn at the Cays is designed with a lower profile architectural style with minimal barriers to the outside, so you feel connected to your natural surroundings, consistent with the Coronado Cays community.

Meeting & Dining Options

Companies and organizations can reserve meeting rooms and enjoy expanded dining options with a restaurant and bar open to the waterfront with picturesque bay views.

Improved Beach Access

The development includes improved beach access at each end of Grand Caribe Causeway, plus the creation of a public restroom and beach foot shower structure on the Shoreline Park property.

Expanded Parking Areas

The property will create 141 off-street parking spaces to keep guests, employees and visitors from affecting nearby residential streets. The development will add additional coastal access parking along the cul-de-sac.

Site Plan

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Hero Rooms

The Inn at the Cays wants to give back to its community and those who honorably serve it by providing a well-deserved opportunity to get away.
The project will set aside a third of the rooms (about 40 total) for lower-cost lodging in this luxury setting, providing more visitors the opportunity to enjoy the same high-quality amenities, seaside village and bay views at the Inn.
Given this low-cost component unprecedented in Coronado, the Inn welcomes everyone to book a stay and will focus on recognizing the tireless work of our retired and active military personnel, first responders, school teachers and government employees.


The Inn at The Cays understands our responsibility to our environment and commits to the preservation of our local ecology. Our vibrant waterfront will keep its authentic and natural elegance and maintain views of the San Diego Bay from Grand Caribe Causeway.
By prioritizing reusable materials and ensuring sustainable and energy efficient operations, we are pledging to preserve the natural environment and maintain the timeless beauty of our vibrant surroundings.

Let’s make this vision a reality!

We need your help to create a seaside refuge that will become an integral amenity to the surrounding community.